Thermal shield 2’x4

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Bert Vis Flooring Inc
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  • BARRICADE Thermal Shield is the most premium subfloor. With an R-value of 4.1, BARRICADE Thermal Shield provides one of the highest R-values in the market, meaning maximum warmth and comfort for your family. It’s specially engineered with a high-density inorganic EPS foam that’s durable enough to hold up to 3,650 pounds per square foot but still weighs less than 2 pounds per panel! Plus BARRICADE Thermal Shield is very easy to install. It can be cut with a knife – no power tools required! Plus the tongue and groove fit together with no gap so no taping is needed!
  • No power tools required and can be cut with a utility knife
  • Strong enough to support up to 3,650 lbs/sq.ft. (1,659 kg/sq. ft.)
  • Helps promote healthy indoor air quality
  • Specially designed to protect hard surface floors (LVT/LVP, laminate, engineered hardwood)
  • Lightweight (1.6 lbs/0.7 kg) and convenient 23.25" x 47.25" size
  • Limited 25 year warranty

Price: $23.40 each