Sheathing Tuck tape

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  • Specifications: length 180' (55 metres); width: 2.36in (60 mm); colour: red.
  • Polypropylene film; Tuck® Tape provides excellent adhesion to treated and non-treated plastic substrates.
  • Bonds extremely well to insulating board.
  • Good low and high temperature performance.
  • Good UV stability.
  • Tensile strength of 525N/100 mm; 30lb/in. >> Tuck Tape is made of UV resistant polypropylene film and is coated with high shear; high tack solvent based acrylic adhesive. Applications include sealing of joints and seams of housewrap; insulation materials and foam underlayments for laminate flooring. Tape has to be pressed firmly on the surface and should be applied on clean; dry surfaces. Approved by CCMC for house wrap splicing and seaming.
  • Brand Name : Cantech

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