Piranha 1-¾” diamond drill bit keyhole

Bert Vis Flooring Inc
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  • Engineered for: Porcelain. A Traditional Vacuum Brazed Segment is made of a single, highly condensed, layer of synthetic diamonds. They have gone beyond the standards of this traditional style and have inserted into our segments a Triple Vacuum Brazed Layer of Diamonds infused in a very hard metal bond. These additional layers combined with very fine synthetic diamonds open up the door of possibilities as to what can be cut. Designed for use on porcelain, the Triple Layer of Diamonds will also allow the bits to drill through a variety of other materials with equal quality and consistency. Alternative Uses: Marble, Granite, Slate, Engineered Stone, Ceramic & Onyx. Size: 45 mm (1 3/4") ; Shaft: 5/8" (Grinder) ; Dry-Cut Coring Bit.