Halder simplex bonus box set-face mallet

SKU ID: 3117S001
Bert Vis Flooring Inc
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214 St.Catharine St, Smithville ON, L0R 2A0

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  • Value box with 2 additional impact inserts, pica pocket (quiver + knife) and carpenter's pencil.
  • Includes the Simplex soft hammer D40 mm (item 3017.040) in the combination of TPE soft (soft, abrasion-free) / super plastic (medium hard, very resistant, wear-resistant).
  • As well as another use TPE soft (item 3201.040) and TPE mid (medium hard, abrasion-free, item no. 3203.040).
  • Housing made of malleable cast iron with integrated handle protection sleeve and high resistance to breakage; all parts are interchangeable/retrofittable; high-quality, vibration-damping, ergonomic wooden handle.
  • The optimal soft hammer for positioning sensitive workpieces. Indispensable for glazing, carpentry, model making and furniture making, interior work and sheet metal working. Protects the workpiece and the user

Price: $78.30 each