Gum rummber grout float with wood handle 2”x4”

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Bert Vis Flooring Inc
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  • The gum rubber grout float features Non-Stick gum rubber to ensure smooth application of grout
  • 2 rounded corners prevent gouging of grout joints
  • Selected large Hardwood handle offers easy handling
  • Size 9-1/2-Inch x 4-Inch >> Building trade professionals, who build our homes and countries demand quality, innovation, and SATISFACTION from the tools they use every day. Goldblatt tool company has been helping meet that demand for over 130 years. Goldblatt tool company designs, manufactures, and distributes high quality trade tools in the masonry, concrete, drywall, tile, and paint tool categories to a worldwide market. This culture of quality and innovation with a firm commitment to research and development helps goldblatt consistently meet the specific needs of the professionals and consumers that we Serve throughout the world.
  • Brand Name : Goldblatt.

Price: $13.70