Andrew & Kelly Thompson

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Thank you

Wanted to say thank you again for a great job on our floor install. We were impressed with each and every one of you from Henry who gave us our quote, Wolter and Willem who helped set everything up for the install, and Scott and his partner (name is escaping me right now sorry) for a fantastic install. Nicole and the sales team also helped make payment easy and convenient for us too.

I said it in a google review and I'll say it again, Scott deserves a raise! You all did a great job but just wanted to share how much we appreciated Scott's detail, integrity, and workmanship. He worked hard to complete the install under hot weather conditions, and worked a longer day on the final day of install to help get the job done. We thank Scott and the entire team again for helping update our kitchen with this beautiful floor. You guys are by far the most affordable, reasonable and professional company we came across, and you deserve all the business and success you earn. Keep it up :)