Meet the Office Team Behind Bert Vis Flooring Inc.

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After a lot of requests to meet the team behind the counter, we’ve decided to create a blog so that you could meet some of us. We’ll start with our sales and management team! You will quickly see how each member brings something different to the table, and perhaps get a taste of the Christian and family atmosphere we’ve created!

Wolter (Manager)

Meet Wolter! Wolter is Bert’s brother and has been working for the company for years. Wolter works as a manager and estimator at Bert Vis Flooring. However, throughout the years, he’s been involved in sales, scheduling, installation, and more! Wolter is known for his gentle and amicable personality. He loves to get to know our customers and make them feel at ‘home’. He holds a lot of experience and knowledge in the profession and is a valued employee at Bert Vis Flooring. 

Ralph (Owner, Estimator)

Meet the owner and son of Bert Vis - Ralph Vis! Ralph and his wife Jane have successfully taken on the business from their father. Ralph takes on many roles within the business, including estimating, sales, customer service, management, and more! At the office, Ralph can be found quietly working hard without complaints.

“What I love about my job is being a part of a team of professionals that really cares about the end result of our work. For us, it’s not just a quick sale, but an experience!” -Ralph

Jane (Owner, Secretary, Sales Associate)

Meet Jane Vis! Jane is married to Ralph Vis, and takes on owner, secretary, and sales associate at Bert Vis Flooring! Jane is an exemplary woman in business. She manages a busy lifestyle as a mother and business owner. Jane brings a positive and hard-working attitude to work - quick to smile and slow to stressed. 

Jenna (Sales Associate)

Meet our newest member of the team, Jenna! Jenna has just recently joined us on the sales floor, working alongside customers to make the best choice for their dream project. Jenna is a quick learner and is a natural working with people! We value her experience with people and her contagious laugh. 

Henry (Estimator)

Meet Henry! Another son of Bert Vis who works in our office and in the field! Henry is a diligent worker who takes on a role in estimating potential jobs. He dedicates a lot of his time to work with contractors. Henry has been working at Bert Vis Flooring for 22 years! His favourite part about his job is the variety he gets between doing estimates and helping with repair jobs. 

Alanah (Sales Associate)

Meet Alanah! Alanah is one of our employees that does a little bit of everything! From sales to warehouse duties, Alanah loves to shine wherever she’s planted for the day. She’s a very hard worker and a ‘get it done’ kind of girl. Alanah and Irene, (who we’re introducing next) are known as the dynamic duo in the warehouse. Alanah has been working for Bert Vis Flooring full time since she finished high school, and has been loving it! We value her contributions to our team!

Carolyn (Admin Assistant + Sales Associate)

Meet Carolyn! Carolyn is one of our newer sales associates! She’s been working for us for just under a year now, but has learned our products and sales so quickly! Carolyn loves that Bert Vis Flooring values and understands the importance of family since she is a mother of young kids herself. Carolyn loves to work with customers and be able to give input on home renovations. 

“I do a lot of work with our contractors, which usually includes a full house renovation. I always enjoy helping put a whole house together and then seeing the finished job! That is the most satisfying part about my job.” - Carolyn

Willem (Scheduler)

Meet Willem! Willem is married to Carolyn, and has also recently joined us in the office! Willem used to be involved only in installation but has now taken on scheduling jobs. Every now and then, you may still find him in the field, but spends most of his time in the office. Willem is known for cracking up a joke and enjoys making people smile and laugh. Willem always works for what’s best for our customers and is a cheery voice for our customers to listen to. 

Sharon (Secretary, Sales Associate)

This is Sharon! Sharon is married to Henry and works in the office as a secretary and sales associate! Sharon is a joyful employee who is known for her cheery singing while she works. Sharon has been working for Bert Vis Flooring for 15 years! 

“I love accounting and data entry - it’s my happy place. But I also love the camaraderie we all have working together at Bert Vis. My job is important to me because Bert Vis Flooring is a family legacy and a great atmosphere to work in.” - Sharon

Irene (Warehouse Manager)

Meet Irene (and Alanah)! We weren’t kidding when we said they are a dynamic duo. Irene is our warehouse manager. She does a lot of behind-the-scenes work from getting your flooring ordered, to custom staining mouldings, and binding custom area rugs. Irene has a very humble character but also loves to have fun at work. Irene does quality work for the company and is another valuable member of our team!

Hope (Receptionist and Sales Team)

Hope has recently joined our receptionists and sales team. Hope has graduated in interior decorating and gives customers great insight on how to decorate their homes suitably for their taste and budget! We are very excited to have someone with interior decorating skills as a part of our team!

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