A Glossary Of Essential Flooring Terms

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Every industry has its own language and terms. These words and phrases can be confusing to anyone who is not part of the daily operations of a specific sector, and the flooring business is no exception.

To help you understand the terms, acronyms, and phrases regularly used when purchasing flooring, Bert Vis Flooring Inc. has created this handy reference guide. Here, you’ll find valuable information allowing you to comprehend and communicate your flooring needs effectively.

It is texturing in the flooring planks that follow the image of the floor (for example, a “rougher” texture where there appear to be knots in wood flooring).

Plush carpet
It is a carpet with non-looped fibers.

Berber carpet
It is a carpet with looped fibers that provides a tighter pile.

Hand scraped
It is a type of design in flooring where the wood is made to look a bit older or distressed. It provides extra texture and definition.

Painted bevel
Some flooring planks will have a bevel (perimeter) around the planks that will show up in a floor pattern. It enhances the sizing of the planks and adds definition.

It is a flooring transition piece that goes between two flooring surfaces of the same height.

It is a flooring transition piece that goes between two flooring surfaces of different heights.

It is the type of material that is on the back of the plank or flooring. Some examples of this could be cork or foam.

It is a floor that gets installed above ground level.

It is a situation where wood planks will warp and rise around the edges.

Floating floor
It is a floor that is not directly attached to the subfloor.

It refers to the process where natural flooring gets slowly exposed to the new climate where it is placed.

It is the top layer of flooring. Often provides a sheen, color, or level of resilience.

Parquet flooring
It is a pattern in the floor that gives a geometric design.

It is a tinted adhesive that goes in between tiles to help them stay in place and give a beautiful finish.

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