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If you’re looking to add a touch of comfort and warmth to your home without much effort or cost, investing in an area rug is a simple and economical option. Area rugs come in different colors, sizes, and textures, enabling them to fit a variety of tastes, preferences, and functions. Moreover, while they offer the plush feel of a carpet, they don’t require the energy it would take to install and clean a wall-to-wall carpet.

Besides this, area rugs add a decorative touch to your room or space. They can bring a subtle touch of luxury to your home and warmth and flair to your family room, bedroom, and even office. On days when you prefer a clean room with minimal décor, you can simply roll it up and transform your place once more. In case you get tired of your current rug, you can always change it without spending too much on a new one. Also, if you live in a house on rent and cannot have carpeted floors, getting an area rug is your next best option.

For high-quality areas rugs in Smithville, Ontario, reach out to Bert Vis Flooring Inc. We are a flooring company that carries a wide range of products, including area rugs. To offer our clients variety and affordability when it comes to rugs, we provide two types of area rugs. They are machine-made and custom made rugs. Under each of these options, you can obtain a variety of products to suit your needs perfectly.

Typically, the prices for our area rugs vary depending on their sizes and the effort that goes into producing them. For example, a three by five-inch area rug starts at $35, a five by seven inch area rug starts at $75, a large eight by eleven-inch area rugs can begin at $255. You can also select a rug and have it ordered to a size that suits your needs with a bound edge for a custom made area rug. The price for these personalized rugs vary depending on the carpet selected and size requested. Currently, we have several five by eight patterns in stock at our store. The other sizes are available on order.

For more information on our area rug options, please feel free to reach out to Bert Vis Flooring Inc. by giving us a call at (905) 957-8177. We are an experienced flooring company in Smithville, Ontario. We offer an array of flooring materials from hardwood and laminate to area rugs, luxury vinyl plank (LVP), luxury vinyl tile (LVT), vinyl sheet, ceramic tile, backsplash tile, and carpet. We keep a wide selection of each product from multiple brands so you can find products that match your needs. In addition to flooring, we also carry quartz countertops by Cambria and quality paint by Para Paints, for your other home projects. To add to your convenience, we even offer you professionals to install your flooring and counters tops.

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