Five Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Basement Renovation

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Basements have a poor reputation in the housing industry as they are categorized as dingy, dark, and uninviting. However, if you’re looking for more living or storage space, converting your basement is the best way to acquire the additional room that you need.

By renovating your basement, you can transform it from a musty cellar to a cozy room for friends and family to enjoy or for guests to live in. This will not only add to your comfort but also the value of your home. Unfortunately, finishing a basement is trickier than most rooms. As this room is generally underground level, you need to understand the shortcomings of the space and strategically plan your renovation efforts. To help you do this, the experts at Bert Vis Flooring Inc. have put together a list of five tips to help you get the most out of your basement renovation

Tip #1: Ceiling

It’s essential to consider your options when you plan to redo the ceiling. To maintain a light and bright space, it is recommended to choose a light paint color for your basement’s ceiling. White is a popular choice for most rooms, but it’s especially useful in the basement. This will help make the room appear taller and larger. On the other hand, if you choose a darker color, it will make the room feel smaller and shorter.

Drop ceiling tiles are another great choice for your basement. They come in white and are textured styles. They help create a neat ceiling and are easy to remove to access any wires etc. at any time should you need to. They can also be removed and replaced in the event of water damage or if you need to install pot lighting.

Tip #2: Walls

Basements are usually known to have less natural light due to smaller or less window space available. Due to the lack of lighting, basements are naturally darker. As a result, choosing lighter paint colors for the walls will help brighten up the room. You can choose either cool or warm tones of color to paint the basement. Warm tones create a cozy and inviting space, but cool tones add elegance and a fresh contemporary feel. At Bert Vis Flooring Inc., we offer a wide variety of colors through our Para Paint Collection.

Tip #3: Floors

The type of flooring you should choose for your basement will largely depend on what you intend to use the space for. As basements are generally below grade (ground) level, they tend to hold more moisture. For this reason, it is not recommended to install a solid hardwood floor in this room. The moisture will cause the boards to expand or contract, creating gaping or buckling.

The best options for a residential basement are carpet, vinyl (sheet/LVT/LVP), or ceramic tile. Carpet is an excellent choice if you want to comfortably lie or sit on the floor or want some extra comfort for your feet or added warmth in the room.

Vinyl products are a great option if you want to avoid having to deal with carpet stains. Although it’s not quite as soft as carpet, vinyl proves to be a close second in warmth and comfort for the feet. It also comes in an array of different styles and colors, including wood and tile options.

Ceramic is a suitable choice if you are looking for elegance and longevity. You can even have an in-floor heating system installed beneath the ceramic tiles, which can be monitored by a thermostat. But, at the same time, keep in mind that ceramic is harder on the feet. Similarly, it is difficult and costly to remove, so make sure you choose ceramic tiles that you will not tire of anytime soon.

Tip #4: Vents

Once you have the right flooring option in mind, you’ll need to consider what style of floor registers to choose. If you prefer a customized look to finish the job, then we have you covered at Bert Vis Flooring Inc. We make custom ceramic floor registers to match your ceramic floor! We also sell wooden registers to compliment wooden or faux wood floors made of vinyl products. That way, your floor registers don’t have to be an eyesore anymore!

Tip #5: Transition moldings

Another fine detail that is often overlooked is the transition moldings. When you have two different styles of flooring meetup or an entryway is present, a molding is necessary to cover the seam or help with the transition of height between the two spaces. At  Bert Vis Flooring Inc., we carry numerous molding styles and colors for that perfect match. Whether you need a corresponding wood molding or a sleek metal finish in pewter, we have you covered to complete your look.

For more tips and materials to get the most out of your basement renovation, reach out to Bert Vis Flooring Inc. We are a flooring company in Smithville, Ontario, and we carry a wide range of flooring products. From hardwood, laminate, area rugs, luxury vinyl plank (LVP), luxury vinyl tile (LVT), vinyl sheet, ceramic tile, backsplash tile, or carpet, we have a broad selection in each option with multiple brands. In addition to flooring, we carry quartz countertops by Cambria and quality paint by Para Paints. When you choose our professional installers, we ensure that we take the time to install your new flooring right. That way, you’re satisfied from start to finish.

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