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Breeze Wood Forest Products is an innovative manufacturer of quality prefinished and unfinished solid hardwood flooring located in Tillsonburg, Ontario. The lumber required as raw material for our products is supplied by Townsend Lumber Inc. (a related company) that has been family owned and operated in Southern Ontario, Canada since 1959! Breeze Wood Forest Products offers top quality hardwood flooring in Oak, Ash, Cherry, Beech, Hickory, Maple and Walnut direct to you the customer.
Preverco is a Canadian Manufacturer driven by technological innovation and impeccable product quality. Their exclusive wood drying process, precision milling, and extremely durable stains and polymers are your guarantee of unmatched quality and wear resistance. Available in solid and engineered and click.
The Laurentian® Hardwood collection is a premiere offering of hardwood species, stains and finishes from around the globe. Fine Engineered indigenous North American woods such as Oak, Maple, Birch, and Ash. Exotic woods such as Brazilian Cherry, Ipe, Tigerwood, Sucupira, all come together in this extensive and exciting collection.
Precision milling on state-of-the-art equipment ensures uniformity and a perfect fit of tongue and groove joints. All Superior hardwood products have a four side micro-bevel edge. The micro-bevel allows for the floor boards to fit together as tightly as possible, creating a more polished, impressive flooring finish for you. The history of our mill and our experience and dedication to the craft of milling, creates a hardwood flooring like no other in the industry.
With TORLYS, the richness of hardwood includes integrity of design and intelligent use of natural resources. TORLYS Smart Hardwoods are uniquely beautiful and perfectly stable, offering environmentally-friendly innovation that optimizes our hardwood resources. As with all TORLYS products, their pre-finished engineered hardwood uses the Uniclic joint offering superior gap resistance and ease of installation.
Since it's inception, Herwynen Saw Mill's corporate philosophy remains core to the business today. Quality above all-else. It is our belief that it is more logical to educate the purchaser on the rationale that supports our pricing once, rather than compromise on quality forever in order to extend nominal savings to the consumer.

Bert Vis Flooring – Niagara Flooring Retailer

Luxury vinyl plank is one of the best products you can choose for your home. It’s extremely durable and scratch resistant, it’s waterproof, and it looks great. You can put it in any area of your home, including kitchen, bathroom, and basement, without the worry that it won’t hold up well.

Although vinyl plank is huge in the flooring industry today, vinyl itself was actually developed by accident in 1872. Eugene Baumann, a chemist from Europe, was working with a gas known as vinyl chloride. He began to mix vinyl chloride with different things, and this resulted in the creation of a stiff substance. He didn’t see any immediate use for it, so he put it aside for the time being. Years later, in 1962, a man by the name of Dr. Waldo Semon wanted to bond metal and rubber together. He mixed vinyl chloride with different chemicals, and finally came up with polyvinyl chloride, or as it was generally known as, vinyl.

Still, the vinyl product that was created was not initially used for flooring purposes. People used it to make tires, as shock absorbers, and during the Second World War, as wire insulators. It wasn’t until after the war that people started to see its potential as a durable and easy to maintain flooring. Although the benefits of vinyl flooring were recognized by many, there wasn’t a lot available at first. Because of the lack of availability, it took longer for vinyl flooring to catch on and become a big product on the flooring market. Nevertheless, the vinyl supply eventually grew, and it became a very popular product. People loved that it held up well with lots of traffic and that it was easy to maintain, qualities that we still recognize today.
Manufacturers continued to make developments with the vinyl flooring to make it even more attractive for customers. They developed vinyl that had a cushioned backing to make it more comfortable to walk and stand on while maintaining the same durability. Luxury vinyl plank flooring was also later developed based on the vinyl sheet, but instead of coming in one roll, it came in individual planks which were harder and yet flexible, stronger, and still extremely durable.

Today we have many different vinyl plank suppliers in our showroom at Bert Vis Flooring. Vinyl plank has been developed over the years, and we now offer you a product that is durable, scratch resistant, and waterproof, while having the look and sometimes texture of real wood and tile. If you choose luxury vinyl plank, you don’t have to worry about getting ugly scratches or watermarks on your floor, because the vinyl is extremely resistant to both. The waterproof and scratch resistant characteristics also make cleaning a breeze because you can swifter, sweep, vacuum, or mop your floors without the worry of damaging your floor.

Some of our vinyl planks come in click flooring, in which they are clicked together and laid down in a room. This allows for easy install, and the product can also be taken up again if necessary. So if there is flooding in your home over your vinyl flooring, you simply have to take the flooring up, dry it out, and lay it back down again. Some of our vinyl plank click products come with a cork backing, in order to provide extra warmth. This is especially beneficial if the product is laid in a basement, where the floors are often colder. The cork will give some extra warmth to your floor, making sure that your living environment is as comfortable as possible. Luxury vinyl plank is also available in glue down flooring. When the product is glued down, it prevents movement and allows the floor to stay in its place. Not only does the glue down product resist movement, but it carries all the same qualities as the click luxury vinyl plank – it’s durable, scratch resistant, water resistant, and it looks great!

Every luxury vinyl plank product is not only strong and durable, but also flexible. The flex in the planks or the tiles allows for a little bit of giving, so if the surface on which the vinyl plank is being laid isn’t perfectly flat, it isn’t likely going to be a problem. Although it’s ideal if your subfloor is perfectly level when laying the floor on top, the vinyl plank allows for some unevenness in the floor. This could potentially save you on the cost of the product and labor involved in patching your floor.
Despite all the great qualities of vinyl, you still need to take care of your flooring. Make sure that you sweep or vacuum your floor regularly in order to prevent dirt and grit from getting stuck on the floor. Don’t use abrasive cleaners, soaps, paste waxes or solvents on your vinyl floor – if you have any questions about which cleaning products to use on your floor, don’t hesitate to call. We carry most of the manufacturers’ recommended cleaners and polishes in our store. Finally, you should always place pads under the legs of your furniture pieces in order to prevent dents and scratches. Heavy furniture that’s sitting in the same place can sometimes cause damage, even if you have an extremely durable floor like the vinyl plank. It’s better to be safe than sorry for your floor care.

Bert Vis Flooring is a Niagara Flooring company located at 214 St. Catharines Street in Smithville. Come down to our showroom to take a look at our vinyl plank samples, coming from suppliers like Tory, Karndean, Adura, Richmond, and Armstrong. Our knowledgeable sales staff will be there to guide you through the products, answer any of your questions, and help you to choose something that will look great in your home. You can also set up your free, no-obligation estimate, in which one of our estimators will come down to your home and give you a quote. If you have any questions, you can give us a call at 905-957-7779 or send an email to sales@bertvis.com.