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We offer a wide selection of Ceramic, Porcelain, Natural Stone and Glass tile.  Tile is an excellent choice for your floor, shower, backsplash or patio.  Ceramic Tile is unparalleled in its durability and while no surface is scratch-proof, ceramic resists scratches, scuffs and indentations better than any other floor covering.  Ceramic will not fade due to sunlight and will look beautiful for years to come if properly cared for.  Ceramic is also 100% natural making it environmentally friendly.

Sarana Tile has been Ontario's most distinguished and reputable distributor of ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass tile for over 30 years. They provide the highest quality and latest in design, from their worldwide suppliers.
San Marco® is an international collection of true classic porcelain and ceramic tile. Always appropriate, always impressive. San Marco® brings a natural character to your home. Available in hundreds of striking colours and multiple shapes and sizes to make your own design statement.
Casa Roma offers a wide selection of Porcelain tile. Glazed porcelain tiles are much harder and more wear and damage resistant than non-porcelain ceramic tiles, making them suitable for any application-from light traffic to the heaviest residential and light commercial traffic
Centura offers ceramic wall tile, ceramic floor tile, mosaics, glazed porcelain, porcelain tile, glass and specialty products. You can also choose from a unique natural stone selection in a variety of marble, stone and slates.
Olympia offers high-quality ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and glass. You'll find an excellant variety, selection, and fair prices.
At Midgley West® we provide flooring products for all markets including; designer, architectural, contractor, and dealer outlets. We provide each market with a wide range of products, from low-end to high-end. We also cater to the discerning customer who is looking for a product that is a little different than the standard. We are a small company of around 20 employees but we are all experienced and dedicated to providing our customers with the best service and product possible.
Ceratec offers a variety of both porcelain and ceramic tiles, giving you the option to choose the type of tile that works for you. They include a wide variety of tiles, ranging from 2x2 to 24x24 in size, with lots of styles in between.
1867 is a company that has been around for over 65 years, and they strive to offer both porcelain and ceramic tiles that work for you and look great in your home.
Impex Stone is a tile company that carries a variety of tile products, and we mainly carry their selection of slate in our showroom. They offer an assortment of slate from which you can choose the perfect match for your home.